Drug Trial Attorney and Jury Consultant Services

At HR Legal Consultants and the Law Office of Erlinda O. Johnson, we provide comprehensive Drug Trial and Jury Selection Strategy Consulting Services for the following areas:

  • Federal Drug Cases
  • Federal Death Penalty Drug Cases
  • Complex Federal Conspiracy Drug Cases
  • Criminal Enterprise and Racketeering Federal Drug Cases
  • Firearm related Federal Drug Cases to include Trafficking of Firearms

As part of the legal Trial and Litigation Strategy Consulting Services, HR Legal Consultants and the Law Office of Erlinda O. Johnson focus on providing support services to Trial Attorneys and their clientele as outlined below:

  • Jury Selection
  • Comprehensive Case Strategy and Development
  • Discovery, Records, and Evidence Analysis
  • Pre-Trial Investigation Assistance
  • Complete Trial Attorney preparation
  • Witness preparation for grand jury, suppression hearings, and evidence hearings
  • Witness preparation for trial
  • Expert Witness preparation for trial
  • Deposition Strategy and Questions
  • Opening Statements
  • Voir Dire Questions
  • Direct and Cross Examination Questions
  • Courtroom Observation with ongoing Case Strategy and Development
  • Jury Instructions and Verdict Forms
  • Preservation of the Record for Appeals

Drug Trial Attorney & Jury Consultant Services

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